What’s new in FLO?

  • There is now a single list for all users in your topic. You can now view one list of all participants in your topic and use the ‘filter’ function to see the list by group, by role (e.g. student) or by status (active/inactive).
  • There are now more ways to award badges. You can now award badges to students based on completion of other badges.
  • You can now tag quiz questions and database entries. Tags will make questions and entries searchable and easier to find.
  • You can now preview Choice as a student. This allows you to preview your Choice activity as a student would.
  • You can now mark activities complete on behalf of students. Activity completion just got easier with the ability to manually mark off a student’s activity.

FLO theme updates
We have made some improvements to the FLO theme. The Navigation bar at the top of every FLO site has undergone some changes including the items in the Help and support menu and the addition of a direct link to the Library.

The Topic links block in all topics has also had a refresh with removal of the ‘Readings and Library resources’ link, due to the introduction of the topic-based Readings (Leganto) link.

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