Readings reminders!

It is important to remember to send your Reading list to the library. This will notify the library that the list is ready to be finalised and have any copyright materials checked and added.

What’s the digitise me tag and when do I use it?
The digitise me tag lets the Library know an additional action needs to be taken. Use it if we don’t hold the item, when you have attached your own scan, when you want a chapter from a print book scanned and uploaded, or when you want a link that goes directly to a chapter in an ebook created.

What’s the difference between uploading a resource directly to my FLO site or the Reading list?
We recommend adding resources to the Readings list instead of directly to your FLO site, as it meets our copyright compliance obligations for auditing and reporting purposes. We will manage copyright so you don’t have to, and will ensure links are kept up to date for continuing access.

Did you know you can export your list to EndNote, Word, PDF and more?
If you select to export to Word, you can also select your preferred referencing style. Find this feature in the Reading list options.

Questions? Contact us via the Readings query in ServiceOne or see our online guide for step by step instructions.

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