Catchbox – the microphone that you throw

Have you heard about Catchboxes?  They are very novel and nicely padded microphones designed to be tossed about the room, rather than walked or passed around. There are a number of benefits to using a Catchbox, and they are available to be booked now.

Using the Catchbox instead of a traditional microphone offers several benefits, with the major ones being:

  • It is fun and can boost engagement for both student and staff audiences alike
  • It can support a more relaxed environment, which in turn can assist people to be more comfortable in sharing their insights or questions
  • It is often quicker to throw the microphone around than wait for it to be walked to another part of the room

Catchboxes can be used in any room that is equipped with at least two transmitters and providing there is at least one lapel microphone.  If you are interested in using a Catchbox for your next major meeting or lecture, contact your College eLearning team via Service One.  They will be able to assist you to book out one of the Catchboxes, as well as take you through the (very straightforward!) system requirements and set up procedure.

Contributed by Cheryl Schelbach
Learning Designer, EPSW

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