HERGA (Adelaide SA, 25 September 2019)

Call for submissions open until 11 August 2019.

HERGA is free to attend and this year explores 21st Century Teaching and Learning. Although we are only 20 years into the 21st century, there has already been significant change to the way we teach and students learn. Work commitments, teaching specialists, new technologies, students as partners are all relatively new initiatives and they are having significant impact on the way we function in universities. At this conference we’ll look at what has changed and how effective it is. We’ll look at what is currently changing and how we are adapting and we’ll try and take a peak into the next 20 years and see what it may bring.

Contributions, attendance and lively discussion are welcomed. As always the HERGA conference is a place for colleagues to openly discuss new and challenging issues in a friendly and supportive environment. Sub-themes include:

  • New and changing assessment practices
  • Teaching specialists and their impact on students and universities
  • New modes of teaching
  • Theories of teaching that equate to 21st Century skills
  • New technologies
  • Evaluating 21st century teaching
  • The role of students in design, evaluation and development of their learning
  • Learning spaces

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