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Each month we will share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q. I want to start preparing my topic that I am teaching next year, but I do not have access to the topic. How can I get access?

There could be a couple of reasons why you don’t have access to the topic:

  • The topic is not created yet. Teaching staff gain access to their topic sites 77 days before the start date. If you want to get started earlier, your local eLearning support team can create you a sandpit (development) site to work in. Once the ‘live’ topic becomes available, the eLearning support team can rollover content from the sandpit site into the ‘live’ FLO site. Use Service One to request a sandpit site.
  • You are not listed in the teaching team in the Student Management system (formerly Student Two). Your local Student Administration Services team can assist. Use Service One to update the teaching team.

More information about the FLO topic production cycle can be found in the eLearning Gateway.

Q. What do I need to do to get my topic(s) ready for the start of teaching?

Whether you are a new / existing topic coordinator or other staff member with topic responsibilities, you may find the self-enrol Preparing for teaching in FLO site useful for tracking FLO-related tasks associated with effective topic coordination. Links to support resources / information are provided.

Approximately three months before the topic start date, your local eLearning support team will contact you by email to ask if you would like your topic rolled over. If you’re teaching a topic in multiple locations or teach multiple topics together, you can ask for a shared topic in FLO. A shared topic combines multiple cohorts (topic availabilities) in the one FLO site. Shared topics must be set up before students gain access. If you require a shared topic, fill in the rollover form and your request will be processed. Contact your local eLearning support team if you require further assistance.

Q. What is the FLO topic baseline?

The FLO topic baseline is a recommended baseline of information and resources within a FLO site.

The FLO topic baseline aims to clarify the expectations of what students can find as a minimum in a FLO topic site. These recommendations complement Flinders’ Learning and Teaching Principles with links to resources that provide information about how to implement each guideline. More information about the baseline guidelines, the baseline checklist and FAQs can be found in the eLearning Gateway. Contact the Learning Designer in your local eLearning support team if you would like further assistance.

Contributed by Marcia Schubert
Learning Designer – CILT

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