Special Edition FAQs

Q: Can I use more than one FLO tool for assessment?
Most FLO tools are suited for assessment. They can enable ways for students to contribute, the provision of feedback, the monitoring of student participation, and optionally, grading.

Using a variety of FLO tools for assessment, it is possible to split a large assessment piece into smaller, linked assessment ‘chunks’. For instance, a Report might consist of component parts: identification of key texts, a draft outline, a report submission, and a reflection on learning. Ideally, each part would enable a point for feedback before moving on to the next. While this may involve providing more feedback along the way, feedback is in effect spaced out across the tasks. Each of these parts may use a different FLO tool appropriate for the task – for instance, database for sharing key texts, forum for outlines, assignment for submission, and blog for reflection on learning. These tools help to differentiate the parts of the assessment.

Q: Can I provide practice assessments in FLO?
Yes, this is a great idea, especially where the assessment task requires use of a FLO tool that students may not be familiar with. For instance, if the assessment task is to participate in a debate using Collaborate, host a low-stakes Collaborate session prior to the event, such as an information session about the debate. This provides an opportunity for students to test out the technology, become comfortable with the mode, and plan more carefully for their presentation.

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