What’s new in Kaltura?

Since our last newsletter we’ve had a small Kaltura update and, in response to user feedback, we have been able to enable some new features.

Downloadable video for students:
Newly embedded videos will, by default, now include a download button inside the video player.

Existing embedded videos will not change. If you wish to make an existing video downloadable you would need to re-embed. There is the option to disable the download feature on individual videos.

Support material is available on FLO staff support.

Collaboration settings
A new feature allows the owner of a video to either change ownership or give various permission to other users as co-editors, co-publishers or co-viewers. This may be useful if team teaching or preparing a presentation for a colleague.

Support material is available in FLO Staff Support.

Downloadable video for staff
Staff will now be able to download any videos that they own or co-edit from My Media. This will let videos that are not embedded in a topic be downloadable.

Support material is available in FLO Staff Support.


By Felix Hudson and Karen Lillywhite

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