Special edition FAQs

We continue our tradition of offering answers to some of your most common questions.

Q: How can I review student engagement with the videos I have uploaded to My Media?
Analytics available in the topic Media Vault can be very useful for gaining insights into how your students are using video content in your topic.

These topic-wide analytics are only available if you publish your videos from your My Media into the Media Vault before embedding them into teaching activities in your FLO topic. You can do this quickly and easily when you upload a video to FLO, or if you didn’t publish it to the topic Media Vault when you uploaded, you can do this from within My Media or from the Media Vault at any time after uploading.

More information can be found in FLO Staff Support or you can contact your eLearning support team.

Q: How can I record my desktop screen?
The Desktop Recorder is a free tool you can use to make simple videos for learning which can then be uploaded directly to your My Media repository in FLO. You can use it to capture screen recordings, webcam and audio. When making screen recordings, you can also add annotations like drawing and highlighting on slides, webpages or applications on screen as you record. It also has a whiteboard mode where you can record yourself drawing basic diagrams and graphics.

The FLO Staff Support site provides instructions on downloading, installing and using the desktop recorder, and as always you can speak to your friendly eLearning support team.

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