Students find out their study personality

The Student Learning Support Service (SLSS) team have been looking at different ways to increase student engagement with academic support and resources. One way they have done this is by creating a short “Buzzfeed style” study personality quiz for students.

By answering some short, easy questions, students will find out if they are a Great Debater, Architect, Transformer, Visionary, Detective or Storyteller – or a combination. Each personality then includes a short description linking to SLSS online study resources that complements their study style!
Trialled face-to-face at the SLSS pop up in the Hub on 7 and 15 June, the quiz was not only a useful student engagement tool but has helped garner insights into student study strategies and raise awareness of SLSS online resources. A total of 83 students participated in the quiz, 214 students engaged with supporting content on social media, and traffic to the resources increased by almost four times compared to the week prior.

Following this successful pilot, the quiz will be made available online and will be launched during Semester 2 Orientation.

Want to find out your study personality? Take the quiz.

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