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Q: How do I know if students are watching video content in my topic?
If you publish your videos from your My Media into the Media Vault before embedding them into teaching activities, you can review student engagement in these topic-wide analytics. This article explains the benefits of using the Vault. 

On the Kaltura Analytics dashboard, you can use different filter and comparison options to dive deeper into the data. It also lists the top videos, top viewers and insights which includes where they watched it from and with what devices. 

You can go into the details by reviewing the data in Category Performance Over Time section. There are six key metrics including minutes viewed, avg drop off rate that you can choose from to generate trend graph. You can also click View Details at the bottom of the section to access additional filtering options that you can sort by Users, Entries, and Dates.  

More information can be found in FLO Staff Support or you can contact your eLearning support team. 

Q: Can I use the analytics to assess whether students have watched a video or not?
The Kaltura Analytics collects the data when the videos are watched online through VOD (Video on Demand). If students download the video and watch it offline, the data about their viewership will not be sent back to Kaltura. 

If you need to know if students watched the videos, consider a post-video FLO quiz to assess objectives addressed in your video.

Written by Lefeng Lin
eLearning and Media Support Officer – CILT

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