Handbook for course rules and topic information, coming soon

Since the release of CourseLoop in February, the Curriculum Management Program (CMP) team have been working towards the implementation of Handbook, the publication module which interfaces directly with curriculum data stored in CourseLoop.

What is Handbook?
A new and modern user-interface with consistent presentation of information, Handbook will replace the current web-based Course Rules and Topic information pages.

Handbook will become the single source of truth for all approved, governed curriculum data including courses, topics and course components such as Majors, Minors and Honours Programs.

Non-governed items, such as dates, fees, timetable, and Topic Coordinator information will be presented together in new web pages linking directly from the Handbook. Staff and students across the university have been consulted to help ensure the design and flow of these pages are constructed in a meaningful way.

Key benefits:
Flinders Handbook enables automatic and immediate publication of curriculum data as soon as it’s approved in CourseLoop. The manual data entry required to publish course rules is completely eliminated and is significantly reduced for topic information. Courses and topics are displayed using consistent layout, language and structures to provide a seamless experience for all users.

What’s next?
The Educational Quality team, academic and professional staff involved in curriculum management and/ or regularly refer to the Course and Topic pages, are conducting a final high-level check of how the curriculum data displays in Handbook. Concurrently, work continues to ensure Handbook integrates effectively with other university systems, with the intention of launching Handbook to the university in September.

If you have any questions about CourseLoop or Handbook or would like to find out more, please contact the Educational Quality team or check out the CourseLoop support and resources in FLO.

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