New feature in FLO – H5P

Have you ever considered that there could be more interactive content for students in FLO, but been frustrated by the lack of readily available and easy to use tools to develop that content?

Well, some good news is on the way.

We’ve recently added some new functionality to FLO called H5P. H5P can be used to develop and deliver interactive content for teaching. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package, and it supports the creation of a range of interactive content types, such as image slider, accordion, timeline, branching scenarios and image hotspots.

These and other examples can be found on

All teaching staff can use H5P through FLO. To access H5P functionality just use the H5P Content bank to create and manage the H5P activities you create, then add the H5P activity from the FLO Activity picker.

To help support the use of H5P we’ve made available the following resources:

If you have any questions around why you might use H5P please contact the Learning Designer for your College or lodge a Service One request (Service One > Education > FLO-Course & Topic design support).

For support with how to use the H5P activities start with a visit to the self-paced FLO site. Further detail, including video tutorials, can be found at

And if all else fails contact your local eLearning team via Service One (Service One > Education > FLO-General Query).

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