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Each month we share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q: Can students upload a supporting document to a Scheduler activity? 

In the settings for the Scheduler activity you can set how many files students can upload as part of their Scheduler booking and you can also check a box to make the file upload compulsory if necessary. 

The Scheduler allows students to book a slot, and change that slot whenever they like to a different slot, up to the ‘guard’ time that you configure in the settings (e.g. 2 days before the scheduled slot occurs). 

Students can upload a file at the time of booking their slot, or not, if they prefer. They are not prevented from booking if they dont upload a file, unless the ‘upload file required’ box is checked. 

Students can edit their booking at any later date (up to the Guard time), and upload a file at that point. 

They can then still edit their booking and remove an uploaded file and replace it with another as many times as they like (until the guard time).  


Q: If I grant another attempt in a quiz, can I keep previous attempts? 

If your Quiz settings allow (say) only 1 attempt, and a student has already made that attempt, but you want to allow them another chance, you can create a User Override where you can set individual open/close/duration times, and also allow another attempt. 

FLO will keep the previous attempt(s) as well as the new one. 


Written by Paul Stoll
eLearning and Media Support Officer – CILT

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