Coming Soon: Handbook for course rules and topic information

Handbook, is where you’ll find the latest versions of course rules and topic information for study in 2022 and beyond. Like the current Course Rules pages, Handbook contains important information about courses, topics, majors, minors and honours programs, including the Programs of Study.

Handbook will replace the current web-based Course Rules and Topic information pages.

For an overview of key features, please watch this short Handbook promo.

Assessment information will be published in Handbook in early 2022 once it has been approved as part of the SAMs process.  This is a great new feature which enables students to see topic assessment requirements prior to enrolment.

Course rules pages will continue to be available for information about study commenced in or before 2021 and a link to these pages will be provided in Handbook for easy access.

Some complex Programs of Study (double degrees, combined degrees) are still under construction and may not appear in Handbook until later in October.

To easily access their own course rule, current students need to log into Compass and go to ‘My Courses’.  Students looking to transfer to a new course, add another degree to existing studies or view future topic selections, will be directed to view Handbook.

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