Introducing… Carina Correas

Each month we profile a member of CILT staff, giving a glimpse into what makes them tick. This month we profile Carina Correas, eLearning and Media Support Officer affiliated with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

What do you like the most about working at Flinders?
I love the people who work at Flinders and the amazing Bedford Park campus with its authentic Aussie flora and fauna.

I did my master’s degree at Flinders University and I met wonderful teachers and staff who really made a different to my professional and personal life.

Colleagues are really friendly, relaxed but very professional at the same time. I also feel very grateful for having inspirational leaders who are part of the eLearning team.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?
To have a laugh with my colleagues during the day to reboot my energy and keep working hard.


What is something you are looking forward to?
I am looking forward to travelling again to visit my parents and extended family in Argentina.

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