New tip sheets released

Three tip sheets have been published this month: Online topic orientation, Constructive alignment in FLO, and Completing SAMS for 2022.

The Online topic orientation tip sheet draws on Lizzio’s Five Senses to explain why it is important to provide online orientation to your students and how to go about orientating your students in your FLO sites. Tips range from developing a welcome message and video; helping students develop a sense of resourcefulness by guiding them to develop appropriate help seeking behaviours to providing access to relevant supports and services. The tip sheet also discusses providing opportunities for students to connect with each other and to develop a sense of belonging to the university.

The second tip sheet focuses on constructive alignment in FLO and provides advice and guidance on how to appropriately link learning outcomes and assessment items in FLO. It also provides guidance on providing students with information about how the activities they undertake lead to success completion of assessments and achievement of learning outcomes in FLO.

The third and final is a tip sheet designed to support you when completing Statement of Assessment Methods for 2022. This tip sheet provides a step by step guide through the SAMs process and is linked to a range of other resources including a video, which also steps you through the process, the FLO Staff Support Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) entry providing useful background information; a FAQ document addressing questions you may have about SAMs changes is also available.

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