New Grading Scheme and Gradebook Changes for 2022

With effect 1 January 2022, the University has implemented a new grading scheme. One of the important changes to the grading scheme applies to interim notations. There are four new notations to indicate where a grade is either incomplete or where a supplementary assessment/exam is required. The setup of the FLO topic gradebook has been changed to align with the new grading scheme.

In gradebook, you’ll now find that the ‘Holding grade’ column has been replaced by a ‘Fail or Holding Grade’ column. The Fail or Holding Grade column in the gradebook is used to indicate the status of grades where students either have:

  • failed the topic
  • grades that are yet to be finalised

The column, along with the topic total, is submitted to the College Assessment Advisory Group at the end of the teaching period. The grades applied in this column are:

  • F – Fail
  • FCP – Failed Compulsory Part
  • I – Incomplete
  • SE – Supplementary Examination
  • SA – Supplementary Assessment
  • IDE – Incomplete – Deferred Examination
  • IDA – Incomplete – Deferred Assessment

For definitions of each notation, please refer to the grading scheme (section 4).

Support materials for teaching staff are available in FLO Staff Support.

Further communications will come from your College SAS teams detailing how to use the new ‘Fail or Holding grade’ column.

If you have any queries about these changes, please contact either your College SAS team, or eLearning team via Service One.

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