Changes to how lecture capture recordings are published to FLO sites

This year lecture recordings will publish into FLO sites starting in the 4th module.

Why has this change been made?
In many topics lectures were being published into the wrong modules and needed to be moved.

In 2021 lecture recordings published based on the assumption that 1 module = 1 week of teaching, with teaching starting in the first module. Across the university there has been significant uptake of the FLO starter site which includes 3 themed modules before teaching content (Topic information and resources, Communication hub and Assessment hub). For FLO topics using the FLO starter site, the new method of publishing (from the 4th module) will align recordings accurately.

If there are not enough modules in your topics for all lectures to publish into, the overflow will publish into module 0. In future to avoid this, ensure that you have enough modules in your site to match the number of lectures. You should also be aware that lecture recordings could be published into hidden modules at the end of your topic (if you have less teaching modules than lectures).

Will I still need to move lecture recordings?
You may need to move lecture recordings if your topic:

  • Is not using the starter site (you don’t have the 3 themed modules – Topic information and resources, Communication hub and Assessment hub)
  • Has more than 3 modules before the start of your teaching content (to align with the use of the starter site) or have modules for mid-semester breaks
  • Your topic is organised so that a module represents more than 1 week of teaching

How do I move a lecture recording?
Lecture recordings can be moved the same as any other activities in FLO. This may be necessary if the recordings are placed in the wrong location. When you have editing turned on, you can click and drag the crosshairs to the left of the lecture to move it to its desired location.

Did you know…
You can edit the name of your lecture recording. You can align the name with the title of your lecture, and in the details section add some learning outcomes, background info/suggested pre-post reading and upload lecture slides.

I can’t find one of my lecture recordings
If you are having trouble finding a lecture recording, the activities block provides a link to an index page of all the lecture recordings in your topic. Configure the Activity block settings and save changes if lectures are not listed on the block.

Can someone help me?
If you need assistance moving or editing lecture recordings, please contact your College Online Learning and Teaching team.

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