Online Exams/Quiz/Tests Workshop

Many exams/quiz/tests will be run in an online format for the exams period. A key focus of this workshop will be on the setup that will be used in FLO (quizzes and assignments) to facilitate a consistent experience for students. This workshop will:

  • outline the lessons learnt from running online exams in 2020 and 2021, including feedback from students and staff
  • detail the setup that will be used for online exams (FLO quizzes and assignments)
  • detail what setup will be done for Topic Coordinators for online exams/quiz/tests in FLO
  • detail what Topic Coordinators will be responsible for when running an online exam/quiz/test in FLO
  • provide recommendations for setup of online exams/quiz/tests in FLO based on student feedback and lessons learnt from the past sessions
  • provide timelines and resources for the exam period

If you will be using an online tool other than a FLO quiz or assignment (eg. Collaborate, Pearson, Wiley, LT Kuracloud), a representative from the Online Learning and Teaching (OLT) team will be in touch to discuss your particular setup requirements.

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