CMBD Flinders leads CRC Funding success to boost Marine Enterprise

photo left to right – Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling, the Federal Minister for Finance Senator Simon Birmingham, Professor Wei Zhang, Boothby Labor candidate Ms Rachel Swift, MBCRC interim CEO Dr Justin Coombs and Flinders University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Robert Saint

CMBD is delighted to announce:

Federal funding success to boost Marine Bio-Enterprise

Flinders University leads 10-year, $270m CRC 

CMBD has led this successful MB-CRC bid to secure $59 million of CRC federal funding to kickstart a wide-ranging, decade-long research and development program to transform Australia’s emerging marine bioproducts sector into a sustainable, clean and globally competitive industry.

The Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre (MB-CRC) is an Australian national industry-driven R&D consortium of 68 partners led by Flinders University. This consortium connects a broad cross-section of industry and research, bringing together; Australian major agri-businesses, two global chemical industry giants, small and medium enterprises, with the majority of the country’s leading scientific and engineering leaders in the field. Over the next 10 years, MB-CRC project partners aim to invest more than $270 million in total project R&D value. This includes more than $70 million in matching cash from 49 industry partners, 12 research groups, two government organisations and five third-party participants.

Through the utilisation of Australia’s unique biomarine resources, CMBD and MB-CRC will work together to develop advanced manufacturing technologies and high-value marine bioproducts to expand the third-generation of Australian marine bioproducts industry, in relation to the first-generation fisheries and the second-generation of aquaculture via commercialisation, education and training. We aim to fast-track the growth of Australia’s next generation of marine bioindustries to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for certified, safe, sustainable products including; plant-based proteins, functional foods, nutraceuticals, omega-3 oils, cosmetics, biomaterials, bioplastics, and more.  A major objective for CMBD and MB-CRC  is for Australia to be recognized as a premier supplier and innovator of marine bioproducts globally.

Ocean of opportunity to flow from $270m CRC

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