Physiomar & ANZMBS 2021 Conference – Now Online

The Physiomar & ANZMBS Online Conference isn’t far away! 

7th September at 05:30 UTC+09:30 – 9th September at 15:30 UTC +09:30

Prof. Wei Zhang, Director of the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development (CMBD) is the invited speaker for the 9th September.

CMBD members, Dr. Qi Yang, Dr. Reinu Abraham and Mr. Peng Su, will be presenting their research.


Wed 8 Sep

2.15pm                Dr Qi Yang

“New insights into the sponge microbiomes for untapped marine microbial resource mining”

Thu 9 Sep

12.15pm              Mr Peng Su

“Development of bio-composite materials from seaweed polysaccharides for environmentally-friendly food packaging product innovations”

12.30pm              Dr Reinu E Abraham

“Vortex Fluidic Device tailored alginate biomaterial for 3D bioprinting”

1.45pm                Prof Wei Zhang – Invited speaker

“Biorefinery production of bioactive ingredients from under-utilized marine bioresources for functional foods and nutraceuticals”


The program how now been adapted due to the change in format to virtual only.

You can view more details about invited speakers hereAll times are shown in NZ Standard time. Use this online tool to convert to your time zone or watch on demand.



*The committee reserves the right to update the program as required.*

We’re all going virtual!

Due to recent COVID disruptions in New Zealand, this event is now shifting to an online only conference.

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