CRE team begins development of a transport infrastructure policy logic model

On the 6th of April members of the CRE got together at the School of Regulation and Global Governance at the Australian National University in order to further efforts to evaluate the health equity impacts of transport infrastructure policy. The day focused on developing a policy logic model to evaluate the health equity impacts of the newly released “Transport 2056” from the New South Wales government.

The team explored potential impacts of different policy components of “Transport 2056” related to technology, active and public transport, safety and other key themes on the social determinants of health equity. The model attempts to forecast the impacts under two different scenarios: (1) a ‘business as usual’ policy approach underpinned by neoclassical economics; and (2) a ‘public good’ policy approach underpinned by principles of inclusiveness and sustainability.

Look for a presentation of the initial results at the Public Health Prevention Conference convened by the Public Health Association of Australia on 02 May at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel.


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