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For the Drama Centre Student Showcase, 2022’s ensemble will be performing be/coming during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts. Opening the doors to the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Rehearsal Room, the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) graduating actors will be giving a sneak peek into their works in progress.

Flinders Drama Centre students 2022

Drama Centre Student Showcase inspiration from the pros

The plays selected for the Drama Student Showcase were chosen after a semester of working with industry professionals Caleb Lewis and Emma Beech. Drama students Ella Le Fournour and Jack Calver tell us more about the creative process behind be/coming.

Jack says, “Both Emma and Caleb took us for devising classes in Term 1 and Term 2 respectively. They each led us through their approach to creating new material and equipped us with varying tools they had acquired during their distinguished careers.

“Emma’s work focused heavily on finding inspiration from one’s own life and employing performative and physical approaches to writing, whereas Caleb’s focused on both dramaturgical writing and writing for immersive pieces and various games.

“Each class culminated in a final assessment that offered inspiration for this showcase – Emma’s was about theatrically telling a story that occurred to you in your own life, whilst Caleb got us to write a monologue or duologue around the theme ‘Now or Never’.”

James Starbuck and Rhys Griffin

Putting the teachings into action

Ella explains how these classes then led to the final concept, “After multiple weeks refining these ideas and coming up with a basic foundation for both pieces, we were offered the option of choosing one of the pieces to further develop with our lecturers, and eventually with a director.

“With the loose framework, the simple phrase “now or never”, we were able to explore endless possibilities of our monologues or duologues, that have now taken the shape of short, devised pieces of theatre.”

“Our classes leading up to the creation of our pieces have been entirely as an ensemble. We have been with each other every step of the way – listened to, reacted to, and offered feedback when necessary to all of our pieces, bouncing ideas off of each other and creating a safe space for everyone to test out material, ensuring that each of us feels comfortable with a piece to then develop independently for the month leading up to the showcase.

“I don’t think my piece would have gotten to the place of development it’s currently at without my peers offering advice, physical offers regarding staging, and most importantly, hearing it read out loud by my peers.

“The level of engagement we’ve all had with each other’s work has genuinely been so beneficial, and to be able to perform all of them together on stage, signifying our last official Drama Centre performance together, since all experiencing the pieces for the very first time back in June is a very special experience for us all.” 

Chrissy Miller and Mili Damjanovic

Stepping out into the world

Taking place at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Jack really relishes the opportunity to step outside of the Drama Centre and perform be/coming in a different venue, “After performing so many times at the Drama Centre, it is so exciting to be able to perform somewhere that resides so centrally in the cultural heart of Adelaide. As we begin to prepare to head into the industry, it feels like the right time to present our work in a foreign vicinity, and we are so lucky to be performing in the same venue as the partner events Oleanna & Single Asian Female.”

Elvy-Lee Quici and James Starbuck

Don’t miss Flinders Festival of Creative Arts

A week jam-packed with events from across the Creative Arts and Creative Industries at Flinders, there is something for everyone, no matter your preferences.

Ella tells us about the significance of these events for her, “The week of the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts is exciting as it is a great opportunity for artists and students to showcase their talents, ideas and even just works in progress in such a supportive and public manner!

“There are so many opportunities for young and emerging artists such as my peers and myself. Having the opportunity through Flinders to make connections to the industry, and have the facilities, equipment and platform to execute these showcases is an excellent way for us to get our foot in the door.

“I am really looking forward to attending the Creative Arts Student Exhibition, as well as the various film screenings, including Dry Winter and the Sunset Screening, and creative writing event Last Call, as these are peers I’ve had the opportunity to meet throughout my last four years and it will be a great way to see what others have created at the tail end of their training when their skills are highly refined. It’s always inspiring to see what other creatives are up to.” 

Jack adds “Live performing arts has taken a real hit in the aftermath of COVID and the work showcased in this festival is reflective of those changes. These people are the future of our creative industry, and we are extremely excited to show what we have to offer. I’m sure audiences will be in for a great time for any event they attend and in return, the artists will benefit immensely from the support and generosity.”

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Hot tip: Can’t make it to the Adelaide Festival Centre but close to Flinders’ Bedford Park campus? Then come to the Plaza and watch the be/coming live stream on the Superscreen at 5pm.

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