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Looking for a career that could take you all over the world, but unsure if the Bachelor of Tourism and Events will be the right fit? Well, have we got news for you.

Studying a Tourism and Events at Flinders University opens up a variety of highly rewarding job prospects, nationally and internationally. The skills you will develop through this degree will have you ready to market and plan events, lead tourism project developments, and give you life-long skills which you can easily transfer outside of the tourism industry.


Top 5 jobs in Tourism and Events


1. Digital content marketer

Digital content marketing has quickly become a prominent trend in creating publicity for the tourism and travel industry. You will be shining a light on popular (and hidden gem) tourist hotspots, creating marketing campaigns for cities/countries, generating web traffic online and bringing in new visitors courtesy of your media creations.

2. Sustainable tourism development project officer

Working with a variety of different stakeholder groups like local councils, a sustainable tourism development project officer creates sustainable tourism economies and experiences, including in nature-based settings like national parks. You will help to manage tourism growth in a means that looks after the environment and protects natural capital.

3. Tourism business development officer

As a tourism business development officer, you will work with big tourism businesses and communities, as well as government stakeholders, to help either build or re-build regional/remote economies and help stimulate economic growth. You will work within council tourism guidelines and initiatives and work with local communities to drive tourism to lesser-known areas.

4. Event planner/manager

Tourism and events graduates will become expert event planners, ensuring that everything from catering, equipment and venues to organising a featured act or star attraction all goes to plan. You will be able to work in festivals, sporting events, music gigs and more to ensure that events run smoothly. These jobs are currently particularly popular in wine regions.

5. Adventure tourism/nature-based tourism experience designers/guides

Being an adventure/nature-based tourism experience designer/guide can be one of the most rewarding jobs. There is major growth in adventure tourists wanting to experience nature and the outdoors while on holiday. You will deliver life-changing experiences to these tourists wanting to experience activities such as kayaking, hiking/bushwalking, bridge-climbing, quad-biking, snorkelling, or bungee jumping. You will help to give your clients a holiday to remember.


Set yourself up for life with the Tourism and Events degree

The Bachelor of Tourism and Events at Flinders University gives you skills to thrive not only in the Tourism and Events industry but in a wide variety of different settings. You will be surprised by what you are capable of once you have graduated with this degree.

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