How Brittany Gallasch is pushing the boundaries of creativity

Brittany standing in The Void at Flinders Uni


From one-of-a-kind degree in Virtual Production to one-of-a-kind actor, Brittany Gallasch is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s only just getting started.

Winning two Helpmann Academy grants, studying overseas, using cutting edge technology and training at world renowned theatre companies and industry leading schools  – you name it Brittany has done it. And it all started right here, at Flinders University. After completing her Honours in the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), Brittany wanted more.  Discovering Flinders’ motion capture and virtual production lab, The Void, during her degree, Brittany was intrigued. A relatively new field, virtual production is a complex but highly sought after skillset – one Brittany was interested in learning.

She quickly enrolled in the new Master of Virtual Production, a first-of-its-kind degree at Flinders, and she is excited about the possibilities this will bring.

“I am excited to continue my journey in this thrilling medium, pushing boundaries, and delivering exceptional performances that captivate audiences and inspire fellow artists.”


Extraordinary experiences around the globe

As the recipient of the Helpmann Academy’s Neil Curnow Award, Brittany’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Some of the highlights included travelling to London where she had the invaluable opportunity to intern at Fourth Monkey, a renowned theatre company and contemporary drama school, and then training at The Mocap Vaults, a leading school for motion capture and performance capture. Under their expert guidance, she was able to explore new dimensions of performance and gain a deeper understanding of her craft.

“Overall, my experience as the Neil Curnow Award winner has been a whirlwind of growth and exploration. From the stages of London to the studios of Melbourne, I have embraced every opportunity to refine my craft and push the boundaries of my artistic abilities. I am deeply grateful for the incredible experiences and the lifelong lessons that will shape my artistic journey moving forward.”


Brittany wearing a motion capture suit in the Void at Flinders Uni

The endless possibilities in motion capture

During her time studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), Brittany had the opportunity to jump into a motion capture suit at The Void and was immediately captivated by the cutting-edge equipment.

“Stepping into that world, I was given the freedom to explore and experiment, pushing the boundaries of my own abilities and discovering new facets of my craft.”

Brittany has described her experience at Flinders as ‘truly transformative’, largely due to the incredible teachers who genuinely care about their students. Their unwavering support and dedication to their students’ development has not gone unnoticed.

Creative spaces at Flinders, such as the Drama Centre and The Void, gave Brittany the opportunity to build a solid foundation in embodying characters, both vocally and physically, which is fundamental to be able to excel in motion capture.

“The Void has become a space where innovation and imagination thrive, which is a dream for creative people like me! Flinders has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to explore and try new things, allowing me to fearlessly follow my interests.”


South Australia’s shining star in Motion Capture performance

Due to her experience and determination, Brittany is now the first choice Motion Capture (MoCap) performer in the industry here in Adelaide. The recognition stems from her genuine passion for the medium, driving her to continuously learn and improve as a performer.

A real go-getter, Brittany says she is not afraid to be proactive and seek out exciting opportunities, whether that be networking, attending workshops, or reaching out to industry professionals.

“I am excited to continue my journey in this thrilling medium, pushing boundaries, and delivering exceptional performances that captivate audiences and inspire fellow artists.”

When asked where she sees her career heading, she said that she will “aim to contribute to the development of ground-breaking projects that push the boundaries of storytelling.” She also wants to eventually establish and run introductory MoCap masterclasses for those interested in the field as there is currently a lack of available training in Adelaide.

“With a comprehensive skill set encompassing motion capture performance, technical expertise in virtual production, and a strong desire to innovate, I envision a versatile career that extends beyond the borders of Australia.”


Interested in Virtual Production?

One of the first of its kind worldwide, Flinders’ Master of Virtual Production opens a world of possibilities in creative storytelling. Choose from a 6 month certificate, 1 year diploma or full 2 year degree, all while learning with industry-practising professionals in South Australia’s largest motion capture and virtual reality facility.

If you have an interest in digital content creation, want a future-proof career and aspire to be a creative leader in a truly exciting field, look no further… a Master of Virtual Production at Flinders is the degree for you.

What are you waiting for? Apply now.

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