A Deep Dive into Ambisonic Sound with Dr Jesse Budel


Have you ever wondered what Ambisonics is and what it means to create an immersive sound experience? Dr Jesse Budel has been exploring just that during his time at Flinders University as the current Assemblage Artist in Residence.  

He’s been exploring the world of Ambisonics, its unique presence at Flinders and its fascinating crossover between the Creative Arts and other academic disciplines. We sat down with Dr Jesse Budel to learn more about the technology, his creative work “Mandala” and the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts. 


What is Ambisonics? 

Jesse : Ambisonics is a surround sound technology that uses spherical geometry for both recording and playback. There are special microphones that capture sound from all directions, providing a truly immersive listening experience. Imagine being in the middle of a symphony orchestra, with music enveloping you from every angle. Ambisonics creates that magical sensation. 


The Flinders Ambisonic Sound Studio is quite unique. What makes it so special? 

Jesse: The Flinders Ambisonic Studio is the first of its kind in South Australia and one of only a few in Australia. It allows for unique creative and research opportunities for local musicians and sound artists to explore 360º surround sound and immersive audio. Being part of Flinders University means we can seamlessly integrate this technology into various academic disciplines and collaborate across different fields. 


How does Ambsionics bridge the gap between Creative Arts and other academic domains? 

Jesse: Ambisonics complements various media and arts forms that aim to present immerse experiences for audiences. The motion capture studio, The Void, is a key example of this, providing a creative tool for develop new VR and AR visual experiences.  Similarly, the Ambisonic Studio is an amazing creative tool to develop new immersive surround sound works, and connects with other disciplines including physics and mathematics in the acoustic and geometric principles that underlie the technology. 

Tell us more about your creative work “Mandala.” What can people expect to experience during the Ambisonic Sound Experience at the Festival of Creative Arts? 

Jesse: “Mandala” is a project I’ve been developing during my time as Assemblage Artist-In-Residence at Flinders University. It celebrates the diverse soundscapes of South Australian national parks, drawing metaphorically on the Tibetan Buddhist understanding of the mandala as a three-dimensional projection of a deity’s palatial residence and making analogs with three-dimensional sound. Using the diverse voices of our state’s rich acoustic environments, the piece is a rich secular liturgy aimed at cultivating reverence and respect for our fellow non-humans. 


Will you be attending any other events during the Festival of Creative Arts? If so, what are you looking forward to? 

Jesse: Absolutely! I’m excited to check out the Citizens Orchestra’s presentation of “Floods of Fire.” The Festival of Creative Arts is a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of creativity and culture, and “Floods of Fire” promises to be a captivating experience. 


Jesse’s insights into Ambisonics, the Flinders Ambisonic Studio, and his creative work “Mandala” provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of immersive sound experiences. If you’re interested in the world of Ambisonics, or are just curious about what it could be, join us at Jesse’s events at the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts to experience it for yourself. 

Register now for tickets to Jesse’s Ambisonic Sound Showcase or his final artist presentation on Thursday November 23. 


Immerse yourself in the world of Creative Arts 

Find out more about the other events being held during the two week Flinders Festival of Creative Arts in November. 


Event details: Jesse Budel Artist Presentation 

  • Thursday 23 November 
  • 5.00pm – 6.00pm
  • South Lecture Theatre 3, IST Building 

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Event details: Ambisonic Studio Experience 

  • Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 November  
  • 12.00pm – 1.00pm and 3.00pm – 4.00pm 
  • Ambisonic Studio, Sir Eric Neal Building 2.13 

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