Moana Harder: A Creative Force Behind the Runway


Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of fashion and costume design with Flinders and Tafe SA student, Moana Harder.  

The iconic HomeStart Fashion and Costume Graduate Parade – Bloom is right around the corner and Moana cannot wait to showcase her unique collection! From her adventures in Vietnam to sourcing materials for her collection titled Sois belle à ta façon (Be beautiful in your own way), Moana has shared her journey with us in the lead up to the parade. 


What did you study at Flinders and Tafe SA? 

At Flinders and TAFE SA I studied at Bachelor of Creative arts (Fashion). 


What was the highlight of your experience with Flinders/Tafe SA?  

My highlight of my experience at Flinders/TAFE SA would be having the opportunity to go to Vietnam to learn more about the fashion industry and buy the material for my collection. I learnt so much on my trip and helped me gain so much knowledge that I can use in the industry.  

I think it was beneficial to be at both campuses as each environment is different and it gave me the opportunity to embrace different vibes of the study life and get to know a range of people from all different courses.  



What inspired you to want to get into the fashion/costume industry? 

As a child I was always really interested in fashion, I made my own small 4-piece collection with my grandparents in year 7 and all through 5 years of high school I did textiles creating multiple formal wear garment. I also have modelled since I was 17, so I get to showcase a lot of upcoming and established designer garments which has helped me to see the other side of the fashion industry.  

I am really inspired and intrigued by how amazing it is to draw out a design on paper and then it come to live as a gorgeous garment. This led me to choose to study fashion design with flinders after I graduated high school.  


Can you tell us a bit about your collection being shown in the parade? 

My brand is called Phantasia couture, and my collection is called Sois belle à ta façon (Be beautiful in your own way). 

Inspired by the timeless allure of fairytales, beauty and magic, Phantasia couture takes on a regal essence, transforming every wearer into a modern-day princess with an enchanting blend of style and grace. 

This couture collection is a celebration of individuality and sophistication, promising to leave an unforgettable mark on the world, where every stitch tells a story of unparalleled craftsmanship and design ingenuity. Each gown is a symphony of elegance and uniqueness, created for wearers to know their worth and be beautiful in their own way. Instilled with a timeless allure, each garment is a detailed fusion of artistry and avant-garde design, elevating the wearer to a realm of sartorial splendour. 

The colours, inspired by a kaleidoscope of hydrangea hues, weaving together vibrant shades of, sky blue, sun-kissed yellow, romantic pink, creamy white, to create a cohesive palette. 


What are you up to now/what are your plans after uni? 

At the moment, I am working at Chemist Warehouse, and I also model with Finesse Models Australia. I would love to work for a couture business after uni to learn more about fashion and designing, to expand my knowledge. I would also like travel the world possibly with modelling. One day I would love to open my own couture business showcasing my designs on different runways around the world.


What do you think the benefits of the new Flinders City Campus will be for Fashion/Costume students? (From this year, this is where all of the Fashion and costume students will be based at instead of Bedford Park) 

I think it will have many amazing benefits. I found that some of my Flinders classes clashed with my TAFE classes, so I might have had to miss out on some classes as I couldn’t get there in time from TAFE.

With the new Flinders city campus, it will make it a lot easier for the students to get to the classes and will work better with the timetables.  


Didn’t get the opportunity to see the incredible work put on by South Australia’s aspiring fashion and costume designers at Flinders’ new city campus at Festival Plaza?  Watch the highlights now! 


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