Part III: Flinders Washington Interns 2019

SNOW DAY – by Lachlan Poel

To our delight, and probably to the dismay of 80% of adults in DC, we have snow! There’s been a decent amount fall over the weekend, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5-7 inches. As a result, today we decided that we had to at least go out and experience it in the park across the street. I was viciously ambushed by a snowball immediately upon exiting the apartment complex, but a ceasefire was quickly agreed to by all, which surprisingly held…… for the most part. Georgia keenly took to the ground to create a snow angel and soon after we had created a snowman and were enjoying ourselves just as much as the rest of the children who had ventured out into the park to play in the snow. It was my first time seeing snow, and it was really quite gorgeous to watch it fall.

Back in the world of being interns, it was a much quieter week for us this week. The government is still shut down, but the phones are most definitely still ringing and the constituents certainly aren’t shy to tell us what they think. Friday saw us join with the interns from ANU at the Australian Embassy where we met with Embassy staff and had a short Q&A session. Following this we met with Steve Slattery from The Fund for American Studies. Steve is the person who organises our placements within Congress, so it was good to meet him in person and put the name to the face.



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