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Submit your vote for the winner of the 2019 IDS Innovation Challange by Tuesday 12th November. Links available in the Qualtrics email sent to your inbox from ‘Business Improvement’.

We are in a rapidly changing environment where sometimes systems & processes do not keep up with the fast pace of customer requirements. Haven’t we often thought to ourselves, “that can be done in such a better manner or why can’t we do it like this instead”?

And how often we come face to face with blockers like “that’s been tried before/ who has time/ it cannot be done because… ”   that stem the idea in its bud. Some blockers may be valid or are they?

The Business Improvement team, under sponsorship from the IDS leadership, introduced the “IDS Innovation Award”. The challenge is open to all IDS staff to come up with the most innovative solution to solve a business problem they face.  This initiative aimed to give staff the platform to present their ideas and the best idea will be supported through to its implementation. All ideas will be judged on how unique they are, their sustainability in the long run and their impact on the customer.

Stage 1

All ideas are presented to a panel of judges. Judges evaluate the ideas against a set of parameters mentioned above. By the end of this stage, we shortlist the top 3 ideas. The creativity of the teams impressed the panel so much, that we had our CIO, Kerrie Campbell, commend their efforts.

Stage 2

The shortlisted teams make a video presentation of their idea to the rest of IDS. IDS staff choose the most innovative idea and along with the panel scores, the winning team is selected. The 2019 Challenge is currently at this stage. The winners will be announced at the IDS Staff Townhall in Dec.

Key timelines :-

  • 3 Jun – 12 Jul 2019 – Submission of ideas
  • 26 Aug – 20 Sep 2019– Presentations and final shortlisting
  • Mid Nov– IDS votes
  • Dec– Announcement of winning team

The result

Post calibration of IDS votes & the panel scores, the winning idea is :-  “One interface that binds them all” ! The members of the winning team are :-

  • Simon Skrodal
  • Hakan Ibis
  • Felix Hudson
  • Geraint Draheim
  • Nikita Sharma
  • Anitha Thomas
  • Mahalakshmi Muthusamy
  • Melissa Madsen
  • Brendan White
  • James Duncan
  • Saurav Gupta

Few members of the winning team also had a photo-op with Kerrie.

The IDS leadership will assist in implementation of the winning idea. Congratulations, team!


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