Job Opportunity: Research Associate

There is currently a position open for a Research Associate who will work on the “Play It Again” project, a multi-disciplinary project to create a playable history of Australasian digital games, for industry, community and research purposes. The focus of this research is in porting original legacy game code to run on a new hardware and software platform and developing automated techniques to do so.
See Jobs@Flinders position 15186 for details.

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2 thoughts on “Job Opportunity: Research Associate

  1. 1. Your job link appears out of date above.

    2. I have a “shed full” of old computers, software, paperware and parts. It is not specifically game oriented. i just collected “stuff”. eg 5″ and 8″ drives, Apples, a Tandy TRS-80 system, many Commodore bits, documentations, and mags re Amiga (and i think an Amiga-500 somewhere), HP calculators. Fair to poor condition.

    If you had specific needs for your collection I could search. Else I will dump it soon (5years?). I am 71 years old at least. There are others with better collections I know about.

    I don’t know if anything is specifically Australian developed except a version of FORTH (Melbourne, c 1980?)

    Bob, Prospect

  2. Hi Bob,
    1. The link has expired, because the closing date for the position has passed.
    2. Thanks for letting us know about your ‘shed-full’ of stuff. Would be interested to talk. Please get in touch – melanie.swalwell [at]

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