The launch of Skillsforge (Inspire)

Our big news is all about SkillsForge. We have had the amazing Professor Tara Brabazon talking about it:

And we have had Skillsforge discussed and announced on the Flinders News page, on Flinders’ Facebook page, and we are now generating waves of interest in other places. It is a big, exciting deal, and we can’t wait to share updates over coming weeks and months!

Finally, the very last blog post idea from team member Ehab Edward Attia; he is moving on and up in the world, and we are so happy for him – but sad for us! We wish him all the best in his new job.

He has chosen something very apt with this week’s wonderful news – The Eight Stages of Successful Large-Scale Change:

To understand why some organizations are leaping into the future more successfully than others, you need first to see the flow of effective large-scale change efforts. In almost all cases, there is a flow, a set of eight steps that few people handle well“.

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