2018 and DRS

The DRS Team took some time on Friday last week to share a lunch, reflect on our successes and challenges during the year and discuss our plans for the Christmas break.


It’s been a very busy first year for the team as we’ve looked to deliver some early value for the research community and set ourselves up for a big 2019.


During 2018 we:

  • delivered the first releases of the Inspire application for the Office of Graduate Research and HDR students
  • successfully contracted with Elsevier and Infonetica for their Pure and ERM applications respectively which will help to enable and underpin a solid foundation for the evolving Research Ecosystem at Flinders
  • ran a successful tender for a new High Performance Computing (HPC) solution
  • assisted with a pilot of the REDCap research data capture tool
  • helped the Library to upgrade DSpace and prepare a local install of the Omeka S tool


2019 will see us finish the initial Inspire deployment, deliver the new HPC, and in progressive phases deploy the Pure and ERM applications for our research community.



We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, in particular OGR, RDS, the Library, other IDS staff and the wide Flinders research community who have been so helpful across the year.

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