Easter break thoughts

Hello, and welcome to the Easter blog post.

A couple of really pertinent articles on how we can take positive and restful breaks, and how we can work well without losing our weekends, seemed to have perfect timing for the longer break time.

Like many of us, I am guilty of taking work home. But that can be just what we carry in our mind, as well as actual work to be done. Being able to switch off is a critical skill, and like all good habits, it requires mindful practice.

In fact there is good evidence to show the more you work your brain, the more breaks you might need!

We here at DRS are lucky to have a manager who supports us in this, and who actually suggested this blog post and the relevant articles. Obviously support from your management and team matter to a happy workplace – but so are the habits we cultivate.

So this is a good chance for you all to just leave the work where it belongs, and enjoy a more relaxed break with your family and friends – or restfully with yourself.

Whatever you are going to do, we here at Digital Research Services wish you all a happy and safe break.


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