13th State of Agile Report

The 13th state of Agile Report has just been released. Key insights from the report are:

Organisational Culture Matters

The survey responses indicate that organisation cultural issues remain the leading impediments to adopting and scaling agile. General resistance to change, inadequate management support and sponsorship, and organisational culture that is at odds with agile values rank as the top three challenges.

Investment Is Vital For Success In Scaling Agile

When asked what has been the most valuable in helping to scale agile practices, the top three responses were “Internal agile coaches”, “Executive sponsorship”, and “Company-provided training”. All three of these point to a commitment to invest in success. In last year’s survey, Executive sponsorship ranked fifth, and company provided training did not rank in the top 5.


The full report can be viewed here: https://www.stateofagile.com/#ufh-i-521251909-13th-annual-state-of-agile-report/473508

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