Inspire – Student Goals and the first release of Examinations

The new Career Planning module is now available in Inspire. Define your career focus, set goals and track them on your Inspire landing page. 

Inspire is already helping students focus on what they need to do to successfully complete their candidature. When we asked HDR students how Inspire could improve, they told us they wanted the ability to set their own career focus and goals and have the system track these. 

In response to this feedback, the Office of Graduate Research (OGR) has once again collaborated with Digital Research Services (DRS) to create a new module in Inspire — the Career Planning module. This was released to students and launched at DocFest on the 5th of September.

The Career Planning module allows you to: 

  • Set a primary and secondary career focus, by selecting one of: academic, industry, or entrepreneurial. 
  • Set goals with completion dates and activities corresponding to your selected career focus. 
  • See your goals on your landing page in Inspire and adjust timeframes should the need arise.  
  • See completed goals appear in your ‘completed activities log’ that feed into your next Milestone Review and manage your own progress. 
  • Change your career focus, goals, dates, and activities at any time. 


First Exams Release – Nomination of Examiners and Intention to Submit

On the 18th of October, DRS released the first stage of the HDR Examination process into Inspire.

This release includes a student intention to submit milestone that triggers the nomination of examiners process for the HDR supervisors. The streamlining of this process is expected to improve turnaround times for HDR examinations and further examinations developments will be released later this year. In addition to the improved examination processes, the reminder emails will now be sent on a fortnightly basis. 

For more information on Inspire – contact Lumai Tingey Project Manager

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