Can I control what is being captured in the lecture recording?

Q. Can I control what is being captured in the lecture recording?

A. Yes, for rooms that are equipped with a lecture capture system, you can control the inputs and camera angles via the touch panel on the presenter podium.

You can:

  • Select the source that you want to record. Your options generally include: the content displayed on the presenter PC, the input from a document camera, the room’s whiteboard (if you’re writing on/drawing on it), or the teaching position.
  • Pause and stop the recording. Useful if you take a break in the middle of a lecture, or pause for group activities. Important if you have a private conversation with a student or colleague during the lecture; make sure to pause so confidential information isn’t accidentally captured.
  • Check what students will see in the recording via the second monitor on the teaching space which displays a preview of what’s being captured .
  • Check your audio levels via the volume indicator on the touch panel.

This Quick Guide shows some of the inputs you can choose to record.

If you’re a new staff member or would like a refresher on using the technology in your local teaching spaces, our team offers regular hands on orientation sessions. Find out more and register here. We’ll also happily organise a one-on-one session if you prefer, or if the session times listed don’t match your schedule.

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