Compass Program Roadmap


As part of the ongoing engagement activities with key stakeholders across Flinders, the Compass Program is reaching out to student support areas to provide an overview of the Compass Program and invite people to contribute their feedback and ideas on the 2019 Roadmap.

Vision Statement

“In partnership with students, Compass aims to streamline and improve the ways that students find, access and engage with the university community and support services at Flinders, improving their student experience and supporting  their success”. Project Sponsor – Prof. Clare Pollock – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students).

Compass Program 2o19 Roadmap

Download a copy of the 2019 Compass Program Roadmap.


Sep – Dec 2018

Workshops and prioritisation sessions were held with students to gather insights and understand their needs. As a result of this work, the Compass Program produced a list of work which has been prioritised in partnership with students.

Jan – Apr 2019

  • Improvements made to current student landing page.
  • Revamp of Wellbeing and Counselling Services online presence.
  • Business Case and prototype developed for new student ideas/ suggestions gateway.

May – Aug 2019

  • Implementation of online student ideas/ suggestions gateway for all students.
  • Revamp of Academic Support Services and Financial Support Services online presence.
  • Blueprint of all non-academic communications and current student communication channels (social and digital).
  • White paper on ‘Belonging at Flinders’.

Sep – Dec 2019

  • Revamp of Careers & Professional Support Services and residual student support services online presence.
  • Plan for feedback activity in 2020 (online student community).
  • Strategy (12-month plan) for consolidation of current student communication activities.
  • Pilot tool(s) and activities per student recommendation in ‘Belonging at Flinders’ white paper.
  • Stage 1 of customised student experience (current student landing page, behind FAN using student profile information).
  • Individual customisation of online student experience, custom student preferences (likely 2020 implementation).

Meet the Team

Product Owner

Slavka Rosewall – Manager Student Experience (Primary Contact)

Project Team

Anitha Thomas– Project Manager

Gaia Ricci – Senior Business Analyst

Nichola McDonald – Change Analyst

Steph Walker – Creative Lead/ SME

Isaias Hernandez – User Experience Designer

For questions or if you’d like someone from the Compass Program to come and talk to your team, please let us know via

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