How to get your new Desktop Recorder


From the 28th May, all staff can install the new Kaltura Desktop Recorder.

Before you install it, you should check to see if you have any saved recordings in your current version of Desktop Recorder that haven’t yet been uploaded to MyMedia. If you have any, you should upload your files from the “Library” tab in your Desktop Recorder into MyMedia, otherwise you might lose them when you switch to the new version. Check out this blog for instructions.

How to install the new Desktop Recorder

How to install the Desktop Recorder depends on what type of computer you have, and whether you have admin rights.

If you need support, please contact the IDS Service Desk on x12345.

To learn how to create and upload video content using the new desktop recorder, please check out the resources in the eLearning Gateway

For any support needed in FLO, please contact your eLearning Team in your College.

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