CourseLoop (Curriculum Management solution) update & demo’s in December


The Curriculum Management Program continues to make significant progress towards the early 2021 implementation of CourseLoop, the enterprise solution for curriculum management system at Flinders.

With the substantial effort of migrating data now successfully completed the focus turns to building of the curriculum structures and activities to support the implementation in early 2021 including training, demonstrations and support.

Getting familiar with CourseLoop
There has been a number of showcases provided to staff at key meetings throughout the university with lots of positive feedback received. Check out this super informative resource CourseLoop what is it, and what’s in it for you? to find out more about the CourseLoop Curriculum Management System and its associated  Handbook publication module, including:

  • CourseLoop screenshots – see what it actually looks like
  • What it will replace and what will be done differently
  • Benefits for staff, students and the university
  • Timelines and what’s next

There are demonstration available for staff in December, BOOK NOW through iEnrol.

There are further sessions planned for January and February 2021, please check back with iEnrol in early December to book your place for these.

Drop-in sessions
Will be held in February and March 2021 and will be an opportunity for staff to access expert support from the Education Quality Team to answer any questions and provide any other support you may need transitioning to CourseLoop.

For further information about the Curriculum Management Program please visit the website and if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact the Project Team.

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