2013 Investigator Lecture

The 2013 Investigator Lecture: What is leisure technology doing to our brains?

Speaker: Dr Paul Howard Jones, Reader in Neuroscience and Education, University of Bristol

Many children are now growing up immersed in technology, with teenagers leading the advance into a 24/7 digital lifestyle. Much of our children’s communication is now online, their leisure and entertainment is increasingly provided by the internet and video games, and they often seem inseparable from their mobile phones.

Some press articles suggest we are facing an unprecedented crisis in which ‘the human brain … is under threat from the modern world’.

Dr Paul Howard Jones presents the current evidence on technology’s impact on human well-being, and particularly the brain.

Flinders University’s Investigator Lecture is its pre-eminent public lecture of the year. Matthew Flinders’ ship, the Investigator acts as a metaphor to embody the ideals of the University – innovation, forward thinking and the importance of providing intellectual space.

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