Competition winners

Thank you to all alumni who updated their details as part of the recent Encounter magazine alumni reconnection.  The lucky competition winners are:

  • Robyn, Plympton Park
  • Dr Adnan, Malaysia
  • Evangeline, Norwood

The winner of the new graduate prize conducted as part of December Graduations is Minghui from Bedford Park.

If you have changed your address, email or phone numbers, or employer, please take a minute to let us know your new details.

Many alumni took the opportunity to tell us their story and the alumni website will be updated in the coming months with contributions.  The following comments bear testimony to the positive and indelible mark Flinders has left on many of its 80,000 graduates.

“Give me a dozen lives and I’d go to Flinders Uni in every one of them!  The broad-mindedness and diversity of the courses back when I was an undergraduate stood out in their day and gave me the foundation to research, understand, communicate and write about science widely. I love the campus too, and keep coming back like a homing pigeon, as Flinders still feels like home to me. I enjoy catching up with old colleagues, not just for fun and love of the people and their subjects, but also because I feel that developments at Flinders continue to be very relevant to what I do and am interested in.”

“I must admit that I am very lucky to be one of the international students of Flinders University. My two years of study have been significantly enriching.  It has not only helped me in my professional development but also in personal growth.  I must also say that the University campus is very beautiful and conducive to learning. The lecturers and staff are very friendly and supportive.  I owe a lot gratitude to all of them for supporting me to complete my studies successfully as well as making my life enjoyable.  I am returning home with full satisfaction and contentment.  I feel Flinders University is one of the top Universities in Australia and I wish that it continues to maintain its top class status in the years to come.”

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