2020 Heaslip Fellowship recipient

The College of Medicine and Public Health is pleased to welcome Dr Julie Halbert as the 2020 Heaslip Fellow.

During her two year appointment, Dr Halbert will evaluate the University’s medical course.

The evaluation’s scope is broad and, while the framework is currently evolving, it is likely to involve a number of smaller studies based around themes that emerge from consultation with stakeholders from urban, regional and rural locations. Updates on the progress of the review will be provided as critical and meaningful information arises.

For more than 20 years, Dr Halbert has been involved with the conception, measurement and implementation of change in health care systems across pre-hospital, GP and community care, acute, sub-acute and rehabilitation care settings.

She has worked on innovative projects in the management of clinical care including the national introduction of transition care, case conferencing in residential aged care, and the measurement of care against evidence based guidelines. Julie has experience in the linkage of large patient data sets across health care settings making it possible to examine meaningful patient and system outcomes using the vast health care data already in place.

In 1982 Flinders University became the beneficiary of the Heaslip Bequest to Medical Education through a competitive process. A fund created by the late Gordon Heaslip (1902-1961), one of Australia’s first NHMRC medical researchers, was transformed into a bequest after the passing of his wife Barbara (1907-1982).

In 1984 the Australian Executive Trust and Flinders staff members used the fund to establish the Heaslip Medical Education Foundation, to manage the Trust and meet the Heaslips’ specifications of ‘improving the education of medical graduates as modern and efficient as possible, while based on the equal importance of the twin aspects of medical practice, namely cure and prevention.’

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