Treating everyone with respect and dignity

I’m a new graduate nurse from Flinders University. After graduating I chose to work in aged care facilities, I found I love working as an Aged Care nurse.

The beautiful people I look after could be my grandmother or grandfather. They have seen things we will never see in our lifetime. Now in their declining years, they are a privilege to look after. Even though aged care nursing is extremely hard, with everything that is happening today, it’s very satisfying just to go to work and spend time, listen to their lives, just to be there to assist them with their needs, talk to them and help any way I can.

I also feel very privileged to be able to spend their last hours with them, particularly when family aren’t able to be there.

Everybody should be treated with respect and dignity and if I can just do this in my work life I am happy. That is why I chose to work in aged care. It is also why I am heavily involved in campaigning for our elderly in care. I will speak up and let everybody know what is happening in aged care.

Fiona, Bachelor of Nursing graduate

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