Flinders University Partnership Degrees at TAFE SA Campuses

Flinders University and TAFE SA are excited to announce a new suite of partnership degrees being released in 2015. These innovative programs, in collaboration between the two institutions, will allow students to enrol for courses with a combined TAFE SA and Flinders University award, incorporating both a diploma and an undergraduate degree.

Students will be able to study the entirety of their degree at their local TAFE campus and other TAFE institutions across Adelaide, with access to the Flinders campus and additional on-campus topics.

The first undergraduate degrees available with embedded VET qualifications at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level are:

With more to be announced soon.

The combination of academic and vocational learning, which can now be undertaken in the familiarity of the student’s local district, deliver a simpler means for students to commence higher education.

The Flinders University/ TAFE SA Partnership Degrees provide students with an unprecedented opportunity to begin a unique education program. If you could benefit from a smoother, structured program towards a degree, studying closer to home, and with work-ready skills, we encourage you to contact Flinders University for more information.

For further information , you are welcome to email a request via success@flinders.edu.au , or phone the Prospective Students Office on 8201 3074.

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