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Looking back on my Year 12 experience, I remember it as an exciting, but busy year. In addition to completing your High School education, you also have to consider where life will take you next year.

Making the choice to go to university involves a number of decisions. Where will you go? What area do I want to study in? What happens if I don’t get the ATAR I need? These choices can cause additional stress, so here are a few tips to make the transition as straight forward as possible and put your worries to rest!

  1. You are not locked in to your decision

When I was in Years 11 and 12, I was interested in a number of different courses and was worried about having to pick one. Many of you are probably in a similar position now, and may be wondering how on earth you will make this decision when ordering your SATAC preferences for this year or next. My first tip is to know that you are not locked in once you have chosen a course. Once I started at university, I realised how easy it can be to change your degree! Sometimes you have to try out a course before you can know whether it is the best choice for you.

  1. Consider a combined degree!

You may have settled on a few different course areas and are trying to figure out which to put as your first preference. Have you considered that you may be able to study these in a combined degree? Flinders offers a range of different combined degree options that can allow you to study two areas you are interested in. Thinking about Psychology and Animal Behaviour? Or perhaps Health Sciences and Nursing? Be sure to check out the combined degree options listed on the Course Information page for our Undergraduate Courses.

  1. Include a pathway course on your SATAC Application

If you have applied for the course of your dreams and are worried about achieving the required ATAR, make sure you list a Pathway Course on your SATAC application as a back-up preference. Almost all of our courses have at least 2-3 pathway options available that allow you to move across to the degree of your choice later on, based on your university grades.

A lot of students use pathway courses to get to where they are now; I started in a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) course in my first year of study, and transferred across to a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in my second year. Flinders made this process as simple as possible and my first year of study was counted towards my new degree.

  1. Change of Preference Information Sessions

The more information you have, the more informed your decision to come to uni will be! Come along to Flinders’ Change of Preference Information Sessions. Collect information about the different courses we have on offer, get help from a prospective students advisor in ordering your preferences and talk to a current Flinders University student about their university experience. Don’t miss out! Register today. The final date to change your preferences is January 5, so make sure you speak to someone before this date.

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