Preparing for your first week at Flinders University

Congratulations to our new Flinders University students of 2015! I hope you are looking forward to your first week of university life! My name is Kirstie, and I’m studying Psychology at Flinders. I remember going into my first week of uni, and I was extremely excited, but also a little nervous. Being nervous is completely normal, but in order to put those nerves at ease, here are some of my personal tips on preparing for your first week at Flinders Uni. I hope they help!


Attend Orientation Week: Orientation Week is a great opportunity to go on a campus tour, attend welcoming activities for your course, and make lots of new friends at the array of social events. O’Week begins on Monday 23 February, the week before classes start. I recommend coming along, I loved being able to walk around and see what was on offer, including the support services and the different student clubs and associations. Flinders is a buzz of activity, and there are lots of free pens to collect!


Getting to uni: Whether you drive, take a bus or ride a bike, make sure you are organised and leave in plenty of time to find your way around campus. Flinders University is easily accessed by public transport, you can look up which bus you need to catch on Adelaide Metro. Many students also drive to Flinders as car parking is available. I would recommend looking at the campus map beforehand, so that you can see where the best car parks are, where public transport arrives, and where you need to be for Orientation Week activities.


Get to know the campus: As a Flinders student, I love being able to enjoy the beautiful campus and surroundings. Make sure to go on a campus tour during Orientation Week to help find your way around and become acquainted with the many services available at Flinders. Campus tours helped me feel a lot more comfortable finding my way around, and it meant I was a lot calmer for my first week of classes!


What to bring to class: A smile and a keen desire to start your university education! But you will need a few other things… If you are still kickin’ it old school like me, you will need something to write with and a notebook. If you are more of a tech savvy learner, many students take their laptops and tablets into class. All students can access the Flinders Uni Wifi on any electronic device.


Enjoy your first week at Flinders; I remember the transition from high school to university as an extremely fun one, where you make lots of friends and participate in a lot of fun social and academic events. Make the most of your time at Flinders, and remember that there is a great deal of support available for students at Flinders, you just need to ask for it.


If you have any questions for the University, don’t hesitate to give them a call, send an email or chat online!


Good luck!


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