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Tahnee_ExplorerBy Tahnee Virgin:

The move from high school to university is a big one, especially when you have to leave your hometown, family and friends.

Being from a small country town, I was excited for the day I could come and study in Adelaide. I was nervous, but mostly excited. It was the start of a new adventure! When I came to Adelaide to look at university and accommodation options, I visited colleges across Adelaide, university accommodation and options in the private sector, but I chose to live at Flinders University Hall.

This year I am heading into my third year of university, and I am still living on campus! It continues to be an extraordinary environment where I’m making the most out of my years at university and all the opportunities given to the residents here on campus. At the Hall, we are immersed in an environment where there is not only academic support, but also the support of people who understand what it’s like to move away from their friends and family. With so many kind and generous people to meet, and stories to hear, I have never felt lonely.

Flinders Living has provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, personally, professionally and academically. Studying is fun and easy because there are always other people to study with who are doing the same topics. This year I was also offered a position as a residential tutor to further my professional and personal skills. At Flinders Living, I have been a part of so many sports and social events, and I’ve met people not only from all over Australia, but from all around the world!

My greatest experience so far was in 2013 when I travelled with a group of Flinders Living students to Cambodia. We travelled around Cambodia for a week, visiting charities and Non-Government Organisations and experiencing life in Cambodia. We then spent a week volunteering in the New Hope for Cambodian Children’s Orphanage for children with HIV and AIDS. This experience was phenomenal and I have never had so much fun in my life. It was truly a unique experience to be able to learn so much about the history and how it led to poverty in Cambodia, as well as being able to help in a small way to change the lives of children who have had a difficult start to life.

My tip to anyone moving from regional or rural areas, or moving interstate to study at Flinders University would be to consider Flinders Living and what it can offer you. If you have questions about living on campus, you can contact Flinders Living here.

All the best for your future studies!

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