How the Careers Office at Flinders can help.

Lauren KnightLauren Knight

When I first started at Flinders I was told time and time again to stop in and book an appointment and see a careers consultant. I was interested, so I attended a careers fair on campus, which enlightened me on what they do. The Careers and Employment Liaison Centre can help with a range of services and programs designed to assist current Flinders students in their career development. I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I booked an appointment. It was a great decision!
I went to the Careers Office to seek help with resume writing. I hadn’t kept my previous resume up to date, and I didn’t like the layout of the high school template. I went in thinking that my resume was pretty good… boy was I wrong! There were many things that required improving; and I didn’t even know it! One of the most important points was that I didn’t realise the way in which a resume was written and presented could make or break my application for a job! I worked tiresomely on my resume, perfecting each little part and having it critiqued by people that know the industry. The advice I was given was honest, helpful and professional, which allowed me to make improvements. I was so pleased I dropped in and saw the team months before I needed to use my resume, this gave me significant time for improvement that was necessary for a professional document. I also went to the Careers Office about applications and cover letter writing. I wasn’t sure how to write an application letter for a work experience position that I really wanted! I also didn’t even know where to start with cover letter writing. Going in and talking to them about it improved what I had written, and I landed the work experience placement of my dreams!

The Careers staff always say, “if writing resumes and cover letters was easy, there would be a vending machine out the front!” This isn’t the case, so it is up to you to create professional applications to high standards if you wish to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job. If you come to Flinders University, my advice is to pop in and see the Careers Centre when you start your degree. You won’t be disappointed; it can help you find work while studying, and you can take advantage of many opportunities to enhance your employability for when you graduate!

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