Travelling to Flinders

Laura Towey

I was a lucky student in high school because I always knew that I wanted to study Criminology, so the bulk of my choice was deciding which university to attend. After a lot of research I found that none of the universities were offering a degree that suited my needs. A few weeks later though, Flinders University came to my school and introduced the new courses for 2014 and amongst them was the Bachelor of Justice and Society (Criminology). I knew I had found my university and my degree.

After receiving my ATAR and knowing I had met the guaranteed entry for Criminology at Flinders University, I then turned my attention to travelling from Banksia Park to the Flinders campus. I was worried because I didn’t own a car and knew I would have to catch public transport. However, after some research I discovered the G40, a bus that runs from Golden Grove all the way to Flinders.

The reality of getting to Flinders via the bus is much easier than most people would expect, especially with the advent of the ‘real time’ bus arrival displays accessible with smartphones and displayed at the Tea Tree Plaza, Paradise, and Klemzig Interchanges. Now it is possible to see how far away the G40 is and its expected arrival time at your stop throughout the entire route. I catch the G40 along Golden Grove road and then enjoy the trip down to Flinders.

There are a lot of pros and very few cons of getting the bus to Flinders when you live so far away like I do. The bus ride to Flinders becomes a place to do readings, listen to music and unwind/ relax after a day of classes. Most importantly, catching the bus ends up being a quicker journey because the O’Bahn shaves off precious minutes and throughout the city there are numerous bus lanes that allow buses to glide past all the people stuck in traffic.

Making the journey to Flinders is worth it because I get to study what I love, and furthermore the Flinders Criminology department is one of Australia’s leading departments so I know I am learning from staff with a renowned reputation.

Good luck with your studies!


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