Tips from a Flinders Student Advisor

Are you interested in coming to uni one day, but not sure what your options are? Whether you’re in Year 10, 11 or 12 it is never too early to start your research and find out what it’s all about. My name is Philip and at Flinders I am a Prospective Student Advisor. You may have seen me at your school, as I’m part of the team who travels the state talking with students about their options at Flinders. Every year I have students coming to me in the last few days before applications are due, saying they’re not sure what they want to do! This is okay, as not everyone knows exactly what they want to do for work past high school or what they want to study – we can definitely give you advice. What makes it difficult is when in the days before applications are due, students realise they haven’t even started looking into their options. That’s when the pressure is on! This is why it is my advice to start looking into all your options now. Spending a bit of time in the years leading up to Year 12, or during the start of Year 12 will take a lot of pressure off you when you need to apply and are also in the midst of your busy last term ever at school!

Below are my tips on some of the things you can do in 2016 to ensure that you finish the year with a lot more knowledge on your university options than you do now.

Research: Get online and start looking through your course options. You can find out as much information as you like about the areas you’re interested in. You can also find out about all the events that happen around campus during the year!

Attend: Come out to the major careers expo this year. You will be able to grab a whole lot of materials and talk one on one with university staff and prospective employers. Make sure you say hello if you see me!
Tertiary Studies & Careers Expo (Adelaide Convention Centre): Sunday 10 & Monday 11 April

Visit: Come visit us on campus. We are always happy for you to book in a time to chat one on one with us, and to take a campus tour. You can even come along with a friend, and we can organise for a current student to talk with you about the course you’re interested in.

Open: Attend our Open Days! This is the best time to visit and see everything Flinders can offer you. Representatives from all our courses will be on hand to talk with you, and you can start getting a feel for the campus life. This year will be especially exciting, as you will be able to take advantage of our amazing new Student Hub/Plaza!
Flinders University Open Days: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 August

Enquire: Get in touch and ask us any questions you have. You can phone us on (08) 8201 5322, email us at, chat with us online, or connect with us on social media.

There are some big decisions to make when deciding what to pursue post-high school, but it’ll be much less stressful if you get started now. So research, attend, visit, open, and enquire! Hopefully, I’ll see you in the process. All the best for the year ahead.

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